A hotel for those who defy the cold

At  Hotel de Glace everything is made ​​of ice!

For the eleventh year, the “Ice Hotel» (Hotel de Glace) in Quebec, Canada, opens its doors to welcome guests who will defy the cold. This is because, as indicated by its name, is made of ice!

This hotel only works for a few months each year and usually the coldest so the building  remains intact from risks such as … sunshine! This year Hotel de Glace will remain open until March 25.

Some of the 36 rooms of this specialty  hotel have fireplaces, while for sleeping, guests should be based on fur lined beds and sleeping bags. At guests disposal will  be a bar, also sauna made of ice!.

Apart from the cold, visitors should also bear the bitter cost, since for each night in “Ice Hotel” it costs $ 400, or about 300 euros!

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