How my life ruined and how i am fighting it

Since this blog is about life blogging, lets start speaking about some life stuff!

When i was kid i was feeling so healthy so free so light-headed till about my 17th birthday
Things started changing i met this girl…I started living outside my house, at friends or my girlfriend. Then i wanted to find a job to have my own money so i can go to movies , buy my own stuff and be independent.

At first year it was all good, i enjoyed my job as waiter (since i was young i didn’t care so much about my future life(big mistake!))

At age 20 i broke up with my girlfriend and i thought my life was just ended at this point stress and anxiety came to ruin my life! i quit school and started working all day to forget her (you stuuupid guy !!)

Now after 4 years and some new experience on relationships i can handle my self from depression but stress and anxiety is still there i can’t get rid of it, The only thing that relaxes me is staying home on my computer or going  out and drinking…

Ohh yes drinking is really a magic antidote for stress but only if you don’t overdo this! 1-2 times per week at MAX!
If you feel your  self asking for alcohol just stop drinking and find another way to release this stress!

My point is whatever happens that is making you feel bad just try to change your thoughts, do something that relaxes you and makes you happy. JUST DON’T GIVE A F***!

I know many of you will not accept what i am saying here but hey i am just a random guy writing my thoughts. I know i am not 100% right but every person have his own opinion, and this is mine. Thank you

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